Friday, March 25, 2011

Convert mp3 to iphone ringtone.

Convert the mp3 too a wav first.

[youri@nemesis ringtone]$ mplayer -ao pcm Loudest_Ringtone.mp3 -ao pcm:file="ringtone.wav"

Then wav to m4r. M4r is the format iphone wants ringtones in.

[youri@nemesis ringtone]$ faac ringtone.wav -o loudest.m4r -w

Transfer file to iphone. I use sftp.

[youri@nemesis ringtone]$ sftp root@yphone:/Library/Ringtones
root@yphone's password:
Connected to yphone.
Changing to: /Library/Ringtones
sftp> put loudest.m4r
Uploading loudestm4r to /private/var/stash/Ringtones.wljzz0/loudest.m4r
loudest.ringtone.m4r                                                           100%  306KB 305.8KB/s   00:01   
sftp> exit