Sunday, October 10, 2010

Iphone as webcam in linux (arch) with webcamstudio and iWebcamera.

First install webcamstudio:

I use yaourt not pacman so it was:

[youri@nemesis ~]$ yaourt -S webcamstudio

Also need vloopback2 (Not vloopback package but vloopback-svn)

[youri@nemesis ~]$ yaourt -S vloopback

Now insert the module:

[youri@nemesis ~]$ modprobe vloopback

Install iWebcamera on the iphone and run it.

Make a file iWebcamera.wspl and put this in it:

pipeline=souphttpsrc location= ! jpegec ! ffmpegcolorspace name=tosink

Change the ip (red) to the ip of the iphone.

Run webcamstudio and click on 'sources' then add a folder to scan and select the folder that holds the previously created iWebcamera.wspl file.

Double click the iphone in the Devices list and press "play" on it.

Now it's accessible to the system.

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