Thursday, November 25, 2010

updating phpbb from 3.0.7-pl1 to 3.0.8

navigate to forum dir

#bunzip2  phpBB-3.0.7-PL1_to_3.0.8.tar.bz2

#tar xvf phpBB-3.0.7-PL1_to_3.0.8.tar

go to forum/install & click update tab

'proceed to next step' -> 'update database' -> 'update my database now' -> 'continue the update process now'

'download modified archive'

tar xvf update_3.0.7-PL1_to_3.0.8.tar

rm -r install/

All files are up to date with the latest phpBB version. You should now login to your board and check if everything is working fine. Do not forget to delete, rename or move your install directory! Please send us updated information about your server and board configurations from the Send statistics module in your ACP.

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