Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Exchange 2010 ECP event ID 4

New exchange2010 installation, ECP complained with

Test-ecpconnectivity -verbose | fl

PerformanceCounterName      : ECP Web Sevice Logon Latency
Result                      : Failure
Error                       : An exception was thrown by the Web service: The remote server returned an error: (500)

and event viewer had getlist failures on msexchagne control panel 4

failed with the following error:
System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'System.ServiceModel.Activation.HttpHandler' from assembly 'System.ServiceModel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089'.

reloading counters didn't help, removing and reinstall ECP did not help.

Solution in IIS set the application pool for msexchagneECPapppool to .net 2.0 instead of .net 4.0.


  1. this was driving me mad - i had errors relating to ECP saying sorry! the server is not available. i followed umpteen posts about checking bindings, authentication, certificates, domain names etc. but it was changing the msexchangeECPapppool to .net 2 instead of 4 and doing an iisreset that solved it for me - this was the only place i came across this suggestion - thank you so much for posting your solution. S

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    1. You are a f... crack. It was turning me crazy

  3. My god ive been messing about with this for months and eventually came across this site. Thanks

  4. Thanks, Bro....!
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